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Customer Success Study: Super Bowl

Discover the incredible success of Super Bowl with EasyOrder! ATV up by 12%, orders tripled, and sales quadrupled in just 3 months. Embrace innovation and elevate your restaurant's potential today.

In the bustling landscape of the restaurant industry, achieving unparalleled success requires innovation, adaptability, and a touch of magic. One such remarkable success story is that of Super Bowl, a trailblazing restaurant that managed to skyrocket its performance in the fiercely competitive market within just three months. How did they achieve this incredible feat? The answer lies in their partnership with EasyOrder – a game-changer that revolutionized their business model.


The challenges faced by Super Bowl were emblematic of what many restaurants encounter: how to enhance customer experience, boost sales, and cultivate customer loyalty in a rapidly evolving digital era. The dining landscape was changing, and Super Bowl recognized the need to embrace modern solutions to cater to the tech-savvy preferences of their customers.

The EasyOrder Solution

Enter EasyOrder, a transformative platform that empowers restaurants to streamline operations, amplify customer engagement, and elevate profitability. Super Bowl made the strategic decision to integrate EasyOrder's cutting-edge technologies into their business, and the results were nothing short of extraordinary.

Key Achievements

The journey with EasyOrder propelled Super Bowl to unprecedented success, backed by quantifiable results and achievements that spoke volumes.

ATV Increase

One of the most significant achievements witnessed within the first three months was a remarkable 12% increase in the average basket price. EasyOrder's seamless user experience enticed customers to explore a wider range of menu items, leading to a substantial boost in the amount spent per order. This showcased how technology could be harnessed to not only improve efficiency but also encourage greater spending.

Order Numbers Increase

The heartening success story of Super Bowl is incomplete without acknowledging the astonishing threefold increase in order numbers. With EasyOrder's intuitive digital platform, customers found it easier than ever to place orders. The convenience factor played a pivotal role in driving up demand, thereby catapulting Super Bowl's growth trajectory.

Sales Increase

Perhaps the most striking outcome of this partnership was the exponential surge in sales – a staggering fourfold increase. This remarkable boost illustrated the transformative impact of adopting modern technology in reshaping restaurant operations and profitability.

The Recipe for Success

The key ingredients that fueled Super Bowl's triumph with EasyOrder were innovation, customer-centricity, and adaptability. By embracing a self-ordering kiosk, they empowered customers to take control of their dining experience, resulting in enhanced satisfaction and loyalty.

Super Bowl's journey from a traditional restaurant to a tech-infused dining establishment is an inspiring tale that underscores the potential of innovation in the food industry. The results achieved in the first three months – a 12% ATV increase, order numbers tripling, and sales skyrocketing fourfold – are a testament to the power of collaboration with a forward-thinking partner like EasyOrder.

If you're ready to script your own success story and replicate Super Bowl's achievements, don't hesitate to explore EasyOrder's transformative solutions. Witness the future of dining through our demo, and take the first step toward revolutionizing your restaurant's journey. Contact us today and embark on a path to unparalleled success!

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