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Your Own Branded Online Ordering System

Designed for You and Your Customer

Your own branded ordering app and webpage are the best way to connect with your community. Customers can easily find you online, check your business information, and order through any device. Attract new customers by making sure they can easily find your business on Google by ranking better than your competitors. With EasyOrder, that's already a done deal. The final goal is that your repeat customers end up having your app in their pocket so you can reach out to them with 100% relevant and tailored offerings.

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Promote your new app

You need to inform your customers about your new app and the benefits of using it. You can promote it through flyers and other media. What about communicating about your app on your packaging, vehicles… ? The more channels, the better! Are you feeling generous? Generate a temporary coupon code to kick off the launch of your new ordering system.

easyorder promote your app


Your Customers

Download the app and online orders

Your customer downloads your app by scanning your unique QR code or a quick search in the app store. Placing an order takes just a few clicks. And by doing so, why not let the customer earn their first stamps on the in-app loyalty card? Besides, no logging-in is required anymore, and your customer can easily repeat previous orders if he has an account.

easyorder manage incoming orders



Manage incoming orders

Ping! As your cloud printer automatically starts printing, a new order appears in your intuitive dashboard. You can now focus on preparing the order. Notify your customer about his order status by sending a personal push notification in just one click. We call it our tap-to-notify button, no more dirty buzzers are needed for that! Oh, and for every order that did not go through a third-party platform, you save big on selling fees. And that's for every direct order through the web, app, or kiosk!

easyorder check order status


Your Customers

Check order status

Your customer receives updates about the status of his order. When his order is ready for pick-up, he'll be notified immediately — no more queueing for him. Prefer home delivery? No problem. Your driver (if you provide these services) is only one click away. That's next-level efficiency for you and your customer!

easyorder stay in touch



Stay in touch

You'll want to keep in touch with your community. You can send out weekly or monthly push messages about specials, exclusive promotions, events, and more. A cool newsfeed feature keeps your customers hooked to your brand.

easyorder build loyalty



Build customer loyalty

Your logo regularly appears on your customer's smartphone. Your customer receives your push messages and is reminded of your great products and exquisite service. He comes back to your business to purchase more often. With a full loyalty card, he automatically receives a reward. Great! A happy customer is a loyal one.

And the cycle repeats...

More love

Customer engagement.


An own branded app is a smart, user friendly ordering solution for any business. More engagement, more orders, more profit. No commission fees.

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