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We Help You Take Your Business to the Next Level: Online

With EasyOrder, food business owners can easily create their own online ordering web page and mobile app. It's a true win-win situation: You provide your customers with more convenient ways to buy your delicious groceries, dishes, or pastries, and reward loyalty accordingly. And we provide you with high-end customisability and proper inventory, customer, and order management. The result: a sustainable and professional online food business.

We understand every business is different. That's why we offer flexible and tailor-made features you won't find anywhere else. From managing table reservations and online orders to giving customers a loyalty discount, we have exactly what you need.

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Our Mission

Easy Access to the Benefits For You and Your Customers

At EasyOrder, we aim to provide you with the perfect ordering solution, completely commission-free. For a fixed monthly cost, you get everything you need to boost your revenue with online ordering options and more for your customers. And it doesn't matter what your business is – we have the right solution for every area of the food and beverage industry.

To achieve success for you, EasyOrder's built-in tools make it easy to reach and retain your customers. And the best part is: all processes can be fully automated, allowing you to focus on what matters most – making sure your customers don't go hungry.

Our Team

The EasyOrder Experts

easyorder laurent
Laurent Vandervelde

Chief Commission fighter

easyorder michael
Michael Lauwers

Operations manager

easyorder matthieu
Matthieu Fradcourt

Solution Architect

easyorder matijs
Matijs Vandergoten

Product Owner and UX/UI expert

easyorder reza
Reza Barikro

Back-end developer

easyorder mathio
Mathio Roelandt

Front-end developer

easyorder aaron
Aaron Lejeune

Web developer

easyorder stephane
Stephane Aydin

Customer support

easyorder riet
Riet Goossens

Brand and communication manager

easyorder paulien
Paulien Derden

Customer success manager

easyorder romain
Romain Schuermans

Customer success manager

easyorder annie
Annie Budally

Customer success manager

easyorder gauthier
Gauthier Fraipont

Growth consultant

easyorder alexander
Alexander Reyniers

Growth consultant

easyorder yves
Yves Cincinatis

Corporate growth consultant

easyorder allesandro

Growth consultant

easyorder romeo
Roméo Deladrière

Head of customer success

easyorder bertrand

Full stack developer

easyorder lee

The virtual data scientist

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