Food Order App for Dark Kitchens

No Limits for Dark Kitchens

Reach Your Customers Directly

Go digital and grow beyond the walls of your dark kitchen. It's easy with EasyOrder, your own branded online ordering app and all-in-one growth-hacking tool. It reduces your dependence on third-party sales channels and aggregators to advertise your virtual restaurant. And it is commission-free: you can earn more and also save more at the same time.

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Don't Limit Your Sales Channels to Aggregators

Establish Your Own Dark Kitchen Brand and Create Customer Delight in Every Order

What You Have Today

Multiple brands and cuisines

Strong presence as one of the many suppliers on aggregator channels

Repeat customers

What You Can Have with EasyOrder

Your own branded food delivery app for dark kitchens

Online direct ordering web page

In-app community of loyal customers

Boost your dark kitchen business and its visibility. Retain and grow your customer base. Improve your order management. Commission-free and easy with EasyOrder.

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Online Ordering for Ghost Kitchens Done Right

Not Just another Online Food Ordering Solution

EasyOrder's Exclusive Features Will Redefine Your Customer's Experience

Have the cake and eat it, too: Serve more customers with more online ordering channels and more choices. From combination meals to à la carte items, dark kitchens are only as good as their variety. You pride yourself in the wide range of dishes and cuisines that you provide under one roof. Now take your services to the next level with EasyOrder's branded online ordering and food delivery system, co-existing with third-party sales channels. That way, you can have the best of both worlds.

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Digital Dash for Your Dark Kitchen

An EasyOrder partnership means getting the best-in-class food delivery and online ordering solution to take shadow kitchens beyond the four walls of their brick-and-mortar location. Do it with your unique, independent brand, not as one of the many channels on a third-party app.

Key Features

Direct Ordering Webpage – A Supplementary Food Delivery Channel

Keep your store always open. Give your customers the versatile food delivery option of a direct ordering web page. It works well on all devices, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone. And there is also the optional self-order kiosk for an enhanced ordering convenience.

Your Branded App for Online Food Delivery

What's in a name? Everything. Build your dark kitchen business' brand the way you have built your reputation – with care, concern, and commitment. We are here to optimise your app downloads with our cutting-edge digital solutions.

Smart, Powerful Dashboard

A catalyst of sales and profits: The EasyOrder dashboard is as intelligent as it is hard-working. It offers overviews of monthly sales and buying trends, customers' ordering preferences, data on popular items, and much more. You can transform these insights into actionable sales ideas to drive growth for your online food delivery business.

POS Integration

All sales channels in one POS: You may wish to continue with your third-party channels along with EasyOrder's branded business. No worries. Our system allows seamless integration of all sales channels in a single POS. It ensures single-point handling of all food delivery orders – from intake to fulfilment.

Push Notifications

Do more and do it smartly. From sending order updates to introducing special offers, and activating promotional campaigns, do it all with our smart 1-click push notification feature. Design push campaigns that create a buzz around your brand.

Loyalty Card

Reward your customers in style, with this unique embedded card. You can pre-set loyalty points, activate special rewards, or even share personalised rewards for loyal customers through this all-in-one loyalty programme.

Take Your Dark Kitchen Operation to the Next Level with Your Own Branded Online Ordering Channels

Goodbye Dependence on Others

Hello Standing on Your Own Two Feet

Delivery-only restaurants like ghost kitchens specialise in preparing a wide variety of delectable dishes that cater to many different culinary choices. But until now, your dark kitchen business depended on third-party channels and aggregators for food delivery. There is a significant commission attached to this business model. By launching your branded dark kitchen business with EasyOrder, you can not only discount this commission from your revenue stream, but also rapidly build your business by adopting the same channels that the aggregators do. And if you wish, you can continue with the third parties even while you launch your EasyOrder branded business.

Be smart. Have the best of both worlds.

Growth Hacking for Dark Kitchens Explained

Through Your App You

Offer Relevant Benefits

Discount coupons, app-only specials, in-app loyalty programme, send promotions through push notifications, fast-track for order pickup, and much more.

Through Your App You

Communicate About These Benefits

Hand out flyers, put up signage, create social media posts and even change your social media cover photo. Let the world know about your unique benefits.

Through Your App You

Reward Loyal App Users

Do this by handing out promo codes, using the built-in loyalty card and providing app-only specials.

Why Use EasyOrder for Ghost Kitchens?

Your Own Branded Food Delivery App

The Right Growth Fuel for Your Dark Kitchen

For online food delivery, revenue through mobile apps is expected to reach 795 billion Euro by 2023. Getting your customers to download your dark kitchen's app is vital for your online growth. It allows you to engage with your customers with innovative offers, discounts, coupons, and much more. It is five times cheaper to retain a customer than winning a new one. Your EasyOrder branded app will let you do it without spending heavily on digital campaigns, by using the in-app features. That way, you also create top-of-mind awareness for your dark kitchen brand through consistent app communication.

Push Notifications

Connect directly with your customers by sending them push notifications. Reach out to them with relevant offer promotions and marketing campaigns.

Loyalty Card

Loyalty rewards are the best way to say thank you to your loyal customers. Your EasyOrder app comes with a built-in loyalty card. You can easily configure spending-based reward stamps and gift your gratitude with them.

Upselling and Repeat Orders

It has been proven that online ordering increases your average ticket size by up to 30%. The EasyOrder digital solution is the best way to start up-selling your products and increase your repeat order revenue.

App-only Benefits

Offer exclusive in-app promotions, vouchers and offers to retain loyal customers. Add a unique, fully automated loyalty card to welcome regulars into your golden customer community.

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