A self-ordering kiosk for your restaurant.

Increase basket size and reduce waiting times


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In store ordering trough kiosks.
100+ shops pre-order trough kiosks.
How EasyKiosk will increase your revenue

Upsell every time.

Increase order intake efficiency.


An interactive menu will let customers have a better view on what products you offer and what they might like. Pictures and extra information such as calorie count, allergens, … will help your customers make a better choice and increase their satisfaction.

Our software uses AI to understand your customers’ preferences and make the right suggestions at the right time. The largest fast-food chains have adopted self-service ordering technology and never looked back. EasyKiosk enables any restaurant around the world to benefit from this technology by letting you design the interface yourself and choosing your preferred hardware without breaking the bank.

Key Features

Automated order intake

Customers can easily order at your kiosk. After their order is completed, it automatically appears among your new orders.

Payments processing

Customers can also checkout their order at the Kiosk itself, eliminating the need for a manual counter.

Loyalty program plug-in

Through a built-in loyalty card, regular customers are rewarded for their visit.

Menu management

Something new on the menu, or is a dish or product sold out? Adjust this yourself in a few clicks.

Intuitive Dashboard

Manage all incoming orders in our user-friendly Dashboard.

POS system integration

Integrate your POS system through Deliverect and have all your third party channels integrated as well.

Artificial intelligence

Our software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to understand your customers’ preferences and make the right suggestions at the right time.

High quality hardware

You can choose from a number of kiosks, all of which are made of high quality materials.

Pick and go

Kiosk hardware options.




Wall mounted



More choices...




15" to 32" size


Black, white or custom


Robust Quality


Elegant design

The benefits of having your own kiosk

Do it once. Do it right.

Increase your flow

A self-order kiosk will increase the number of orders you can handle with a given surface and within a given time frame. The kiosk will take care of your customer. The only thing that is left to do is to get the orders out the door fast.

Attract more customers in your store

A kiosk makes your store look up-to-date and gets people’s attention. The brightness of it is just so appealing that it triggers people to consider going in to check out your menu. After all, with a kiosk, barriers are much lower for a customer to enter than an employee expecting the customer to speak to him.

Enhance customer experience

Large corporations have set the new standard for a frictionless order intake experience. While the order intake software needs to offer a top-of-the-line user interface, it has convinced many customers to pick this channel above the good old ‘order at the counter’ approach. It is no longer an experience of the future and offers real-world advantages that are just too good to pass up.

Increase average order value

An EasyKiosk can be programmed to deliver the most relevant messages at the right time, based on your customers’ behavior. A Coke might work well with a burger, while you might want to suggest a water bottle when the customer is looking at a salad. The machine will learn to recognize patterns and make proposals that drive sales based on the data it gathers.

Increase your sales

Order intake efficiency is 100%, order after order. This means more orders can be processed, serving customers better and in term increasing the sales volume. A daily increase in the number of orders combined with a higher average order value means a lot more turnover at the end of the month.

No bad mood

Your staff’s emotions and bad attitude may not always have a positive impact on the overall customer experience. Besides, training staff to make sure they’re upselling at every order they take is very challenging. With the stress that comes with the daily rush, it’s normal for employees to cut corners and not get the most out of your customers all the time. Kiosks can’t get stepped on their toes or get tired. They do require good interfaces, though.


You can use the screens of your kiosks to showcase promotions or to spotlight specific products. If you can prove that a certain amount of people are ordering on our kiosk daily, you can benefit from some advertising for your suppliers or local businesses.

A kiosk solution for any restaurant or venue

Quick Service Restaurants

Fast-food chains

Franchise stores

Dark kitchens

Food courts

Sport arenas


Butcher stores

Concert Halls & Events

Setup and launch

Step 1

Create an account

Upload your menu and quickly customize the interface of your kiosk through the dashboard.

Step 2

Pick the hardware

Choose one or more kiosks from our range of hardware and pick a color that matches your interior.

Step 3

We set-up and ship your kiosk

We’ll upload the right software and configure your kiosk so it’s fully ready to take orders from your customers.

Step 4

Plug and play installation

Unbox and install your kiosk where you like in less than 30 minutes.

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€ 99


Great for order intake from a kiosk in-store. Trim the waiting line at the counter.

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Branded design

Kiosk setup

Plug and play installation

EasyOrder Suite

€ 149


Great for making a first step towards digital growth

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QR-Code Menu

Interactive clickable menu

Search/filter function

Custom Webshop

Online Ordering

Online Payments

Zero Commission Fees

Custom App

Push Notifications





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