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With Your Own Digital Storefront

Benefit from an online ordering solution that allows you to engage with every single customer and promote your baked goods. Easy and commission-free.

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Bakery Online Ordering Made Easy with EasyOrder

Increase Your Bakery's Visibility and Give Your Customers an Online Ordering Option

What You Have Today

High-quality baked goods

In-store sales

A small but loyal customer base

High visibility of your bakery in your area

Your own website

What You Can Have with EasyOrder

Your own branded app

An online ordering option

Better customer management

Your own online ordering website

Digital order management

Improved payment processing

Boost your bakery's business and visibility. Retain and grow your customer base. Improve your order management. Commission-free and easy with EasyOrder.

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Bakery Online Ordering Done Right

Not Just Another Online Ordering Page

It's Your Bakery's Customer Experience Redefined

Avoid customers buying baked goods at their local supermarket by offering an even better solution: the convenience of online ordering from your bakery shop. Avoid queues in your store. Let customers browse, order, and pay online.

easyorder omni channel overview

Best-In-Class Digital Solutions

Partnering with EasyOrder means building unique branded experiences that drive bakery sales and expand your business' visibility beyond the four walls of your shop.

Key Features

Increase Efficiency

If customers can order and pay at the same time, throughput time will decrease dramatically. This ensures your bakery benefits from an optimal flow of people, not taking too much time for all the different in-person and online orders to be processed.

Increase Sales

Thanks to EasyOrder's best-in-class user experience, countless marketing tools, integrated upselling features, a digital loyalty program, and an all-in-one digital storefront solution for bakeries, sales will thrive.

Reduce Human Error

By integrating an automated online ordering system with your existing POS system and back-of-house management software, you eliminate the risk of administrative errors.

Push Notifications

Push notifications allow you to stay in touch with your customers. With a single click you update them about an order, send promotions or a simple reminder about your delicious pastries.

Loyalty Card

Make sure customers come back with the loyalty card that is built into every branded app we deliver. You choose the amount of stamps necessary for a full card and the reward loyal customers receive - the app does the rest.

Tailored Offers and In-App Promotions

Create personalised offers for your customers based on previous online orders. You can also take it a step further and offer exclusive in-app promotions for loyal customers.

Take Your Bakery Operation to the Next Level with Your Own Branded Online Ordering Website

Offer Online Orders and Connect With Your Customers


As a bakery, your goal is to provide the highest quality for your artisanally-made pastries and breads and make your customers crave your products. That's too easy - you know how to do that already. But these days, everything also has to be quick, convenient, and above all digital. Taking your business online is important to grow your customer base and to expand your business's visibility beyond your neighbourhood - and with EasyOrder, it's also easy.

Speaking of easy: Today's average customer doesn't only appreciate delicious, home-made pastries made with superior ingredients, they also need them to be available the second they crave them. And who has the time to go to multiple shops to buy all the food on the list? This is why one-stop-shops - big supermarket chains with bakery sections - are serious competition. The good news is: You already know your pastries are better than the mass-produced products offered there. All you have to do is make it easier for your customers to buy from you - by offering online ordering and online payments.

Do you enjoy being able to chat with you customers when they come into your shop? What if you could connect with them any time you want - and they wouldn't even have to come into your shop? It could be as easy as pushing a button to let them know about special promotions, custom cakes, and new offers, features, or products. And what if it was just as easy to reach new potential customers who have never even walked past your bakery?

EasyOrder offers an easy and commission-free solution to make all of this happen: With your own branded online ordering app and website, you take your bakery operation to the next level by increasing your business's visibility and making it more convenient for your customers to buy your delicious pastries and breads - all the while improving your bakery's order management and inventory management.

How? EasyOrder helps you set up an ordering web page integrated into your website along with a branded app to get customers to come back and buy more more often. With a best-in-class direct online ordering (eco)system and management software, you'll get more out of every penny you spend on marketing while saving time, reducing leftovers, attracting new customers and retaining the loyal ones. You benefit from an efficient and convenient way to sell your products online, smooth payment processing, and your own unique brand design. And all of that commission-free. Because our main goal is to help bakeries achieve the best possible return on investment for their business so they can focus on what they do best.

Growth-hacking For Bakeries Explained

Through Your App You

Offer Relevant Benefits

For example, discount coupons, app-only specials, in-app loyalty program, send promotions through push notifications, fast-track for order pickup

Through Your App You

Communicate About These Benefits

You can do this by handing out flyers, putting up signs, making social media posts, or by changing your social media cover photo.

Through Your App You

Reward Loyal App users

You can do this by handing out promo codes, using the built-in loyalty card or providing app-only specials.

Why Use EasyOrder for Your Bakery?

Your Own Branded App

The Right Ingredient for Your Bakery

Why would customers download a bakery app, you ask? Well, what's in it for them, apart from the delicious food you sell? Delivery, online ordering and payment options, special offers, superior service? Great! Getting your customers to download your app also allows you to reach out and engage with them for free. You don't need to spend more money on social media ads and other expensive marketing tools to get them back. It's five times cheaper to keep an existing customer than attract a new one - and is there a better way to do that than by making it more convenient to buy from you? On top of that, you'll be on your customers' minds all the time - and in their pockets - because your logo will be seen on their phones multiple times a day. Talk about being a part of the community.

Push Notifications

Connect directly with your loyal customers by sending them push notifications. We help you reach the right customers at the right time with relevant promotions and campaigns.

Flexible Loyalty

Do you cherish your loyal customers? Give them some extra love through an in-app loyalty card. This loyalty program can be customised to your business and make every customer want to return to your shop more often.

Upselling and Repeat Orders

Online ordering can increase your average ticket size up to 30% or even more. It's the best and easiest way to start up-selling your products. Customers can also easily reorder their previous orders.

App-only Benefits

Offer exclusive in-app promotions, vouchers and offers to retain loyal customers. Add a unique, fully automated loyalty card to welcome regulars into your golden customer community.

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