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Let's Thrive Together

Strong partnerships are the key to success – and growing together is what we strive for, by merging our services with you! We are always interested in new mutually beneficial partnerships with other companies. Learn more about the types of partnerships and their benefits below or download our partner guide. Let's share the slice!

By Partnering Up with EasyOrder, You Can ...

Complete Your Offer

with an omnichannel platform that offers a mobile app, webpage, and self-service kiosk ordering.

Earn More

through new and recurring annual subscriptions and build a steady additional revenue stream.

Boost Awareness

by driving joint marketing initiatives and expanding your reach.

Why EasyOrder?

Partnership Benefits

1. Become a preferred partner in selected regions.

2. Benefit from EasyOrder's rapidly growing customer base – and help us grow ours.

3. Generate (more) revenue with EasyOrder.

Our Partnership Packages

A Flexible Formula for Success

EasyOrder provides flexible partnership models that let you grow at your own pace. You can start by soliciting for new customers, and when you have a good customer base, you can upgrade your partnership plan to serve them even better.

One-off Fee


Register your leads and benefit from the expertise of EasyLee.

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Up To 20% on Collected Revenue


Focus on marketing and selling the EasyOrder omnichannel solution and earn a lucrative commission on each deal. We will take care of customer onboarding and the rest.

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Buy at Discounted Price


From identifying new customers to onboarding them, stay in full control of the project from start to finish.

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Become Our Local Partner

Local Support, But Worldwide

We are headquartered in Zaventem, Belgium, and we operate globally. With our local partners, we guarantee you the best service possible, no matter where in the world you are.

For Agencies

Do you run a marketing agency and work with restaurants or other food businesses? Your EasyOrder referral to your customers could earn you a lucrative commission.

For Freelancers

Are you a freelancer with good experience in sales, marketing or the restaurant business? Want to add an online ordering system to your current product line? Get in touch with us!

Partnerships As Easy As One, Two, Three

Getting Started with EasyOrder

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Step 2


Step 3

Proposal & Review

Step 4

Commercial Agreement

Step 5

Training & Onboarding

Step 6

Lead Registration & Customer Deals
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