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What are the benefits of having my own app?

Why do I need an app instead of just an online store?

I already work with third-party platforms like Deliveroo and UberEats. What can EasyOrder contribute to that?

What is a successful customer?

Can EasyOrder take care of my marketing?

How can I promote my app?

Which options does EasyOrder offer for promoting my app?

What is a switch page, and how can I use it?

Do I need to know much about technology to become an EasyOrder customer?

How long will it take for my app to be online?

My brand has multiple locations. Do I need multiple apps as well?

What is the difference between temporary closure and vacation mode, and how do I apply this to my shop?

How do I set up delivery regions?

Can I enter different minimum amounts per delivery region?

Can I connect EasyOrder with my existing POS system? Is a custom POS connection possible?

Do we receive a tablet?

I already have a tablet, but I have no space/money for a second one. Can I use the one I already have?

How do I add a product option and/or ingredient?

How do I change the price of my product?

How do I delete an order?

Do I need to upload all the ingredients for all my dishes?

How do I snooze a product?

How do I log out from my dashboard?

How do I activate the loyalty program?

How do I receive my orders?

Can I use any type of ticket printer?

My app disappeared from the app store. How is that possible?

Can I rent a kiosk, or do I need to buy it?

How do I see which products are selling well?

How do I see my orders?

How do I download my sales report?

How do I contact support?

I need help. Can someone come by?

When is customer support reachable?

What is a success consultant?

Can I manage my app and webshop independently?

I found a bug. What should I do?

I would like to request a feature. How can I do that?

How do I encourage customers to order online?

How does the ordering process work for the customer?

Which payment options can I offer to my customers?

Can I invoice my (business) customers? Do my customers get an automatic invoice by mail, or can they ask for it?

How much does EasyOrder cost?

What are the transaction costs?

How often are the payouts?

What payment providers do you offer?

Is there any discount I am entitled to?

Are the app and webshop my property?

What is the length of my contract?

How do I terminate my contract?

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