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Reach more customers and generate more profits with our ready-to-go commission-free online food ordering system for restaurants.

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Running Your Online Restaurant Business Is Easy with EasyOrder

Go Online and Grow Online with Your Restaurant's Own Direct Online Ordering System

What You Have Today

High-quality dishes

A social media presence and fanbase

Listings on third-party aggregator websites and apps

What you can have with EasyOrder

Your own online ordering webpage

Your own branded restaurant app

Optional kiosk solution

Convert occasional orders into regular customers with the many advantages of a multi-channel online ordering system for your restaurant.

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Online Food Ordering for Restaurants Done Right

Not Just Another Online Ordering System

It Is Your Restaurant's Customer Experience Redefined

Are all your tables booked for dinner service? Avoid potential customers who crave your dishes going to eat at your competitors' restaurants. It's easy: just offer them the option to order online using your own branded restaurant app. It's an evening out while eating in, with the added convenience of browsing, ordering, and paying online.

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Best-in-class Digital Solutions

Partnering your restaurant business with EasyOrder online ordering system means building unique branded experiences that drive sales and expand your restaurant beyond the four walls of its physical location.

Key Features

Digital Waiter

The EasyOrder online ordering system lets your customers order at the table, without a waiter hovering over them. Also, there is no chance of human error with this smart mobile app for your restaurant. And you can use the staff for other tasks, thus reducing overhead costs.

Takeaway and Delivery

Your customers can order and pay online at the same time. They can choose from either takeaway or delivery options. This streamlines the order fulfilment process of your online restaurant business.

Different Locations

Franchises and restaurant chains can integrate all their locations in one mobile app. Each unit can handle orders independently from the app dashboard. Consumers can benefit by using the same mobile app to order from any location.

Advance Online Payments

The app allows customers to pay online in advance. Do you still want to offer the possibility to pay in cash? No problem - you choose the payments options yourself.

Push Notifications

Use push notifications for multiple purposes. With one click, you can send order updates and order-ready alerts. Best of all, you can run promo campaigns and special offers for your restaurant business, all the while boosting customer engagement.

Loyalty Programme

Make sure customers come back with the embedded loyalty card. You choose the amount of stamps necessary for a full card and the reward, and the mobile app does the rest.

Reservation Tool

Customers can easily book a table using the mobile app. You enter your tables and capacity and the system automatically arranges the table layout. You can also change it, depending upon reserved and available tables.

Insightful Dashboard

The dashboard offers a quick overview of your monthly sales, popular products, individual customer buying trends, and more. You can use this valuable data to analyse sales, marketing, and operational functions, and grow your restaurant business online scientifically.


Sync your social media posts, share latest updates or menu additions, or simply put up fun flyers. Do it all with this restaurant app and stay in touch with your guests.

Cut Back on Commission Fees and Invest in Your Business

Goodbye Commission Fees

Hello Repeat Orders

Good things happen when you migrate to your own branded commission-free online ordering system. First, you stop depending upon third-party and aggregators' channels to accept online food orders directly and grow your online business. With EasyOrder, you can do this completely commission-free - which means you can reinvest your profits into innovative marketing and promotional strategies to grow your business on this restaurant app. The sky is the limit!

Really, offering online food ordering through your restaurant's own branded mobile app makes it easier and more convenient for your customers to buy from you. This will boost customer loyalty and ensure you get lots of repeat business.

You don't have to choose, though: You can keep your restaurant on third-party channels even while you set up your own online ordering system. By maintaining your presence on both these platforms, you can have the cake and eat it, too.

Growth-hacking for Restaurants Explained

Through Your App You

Offer Relevant Benefits

Benefits for your customers can include discount coupons, app-only specials, an in-app loyalty programme, or you can send promotions through push notifications and fast-track online orders for pickup.

Through Your App You

Communicate About These Benefits

You can do this by handing-out flyers, putting up a sign, creating social media posts or by changing your social media cover photo.

Through Your App You

Reward Loyal App Users

You can do this by handing out promo codes, using the built-in loyalty card, or providing app-only specials.

Why Use EasyOrder for Your Restaurant?

Your Own Branded Mobile App

The Right Technology for Your Restaurant

Getting your customers to download the EasyOrder mobile app is vital for your online growth. It allows your restaurant business to engage with your customers with innovative offers, discounts, coupons, and much more. It is five times cheaper to retain a customer than winning a new one. Your EasyOrder branded mobile app will let you do it without spending heavily on digital campaigns, by using the in-app features. That way, you also create top-of-mind awareness for your restaurant business through consistent mobile app communication.

Push Notifications

Connect directly with your customers by sending them push notifications. Reach out to them with relevant offer promotions and marketing campaigns.

Flexible Loyalty

Loyalty rewards are the best way to say thank you to repeat customers. Your mobile app comes with a built-in loyalty card. You can easily configure spending-based reward stamps and gift your gratitude with them.

Upselling and Repeat Orders

It has been proven that an online ordering system increases your average ticket size by up to 30%. The EasyOrder online ordering system is the best way to start up-selling your products and increase the repeat order revenue for your restaurant business.

App-only Benefits

Offer exclusive in-app promotions, vouchers and offers to retain loyal customers. Add a unique, fully automated loyalty card to welcome regulars into your golden customer community.

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