Features That Strengthen Your Entire Online Ordering Value-Chain

The EasyOrder online ordering system maximises the benefits for you and your customers. Take a look at its 38 key features spread across sales, marketing, operations, and integration functions. They are like a lavish A la carte menu that fuels your hunger for growth! Go online. Grow online. Reach more customers and generate higher profits with EasyOrder's feature-rich, full-stack online ordering suite.

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Sell with Confidence

Growth-hacking Made Easy, With EasyOrder

Grow your online business with your own branded ordering app and webpage that have unique sales and marketing features.

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Easy to Book

Make In-app Reservations Effortlessly

Say good-bye to answering emails and phone calls to book reservations. The EasyOrder in-app plugin does it for you effortlessly.

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The Omnichannel Advantage

Facilitate Orders from Any Device or Gadget

The EasyOrder suite is a fully automated 24/7 ordering ecosystem. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, wearable devices – you can accept orders from any device, anytime and from anywhere, including self-service food kiosks!

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Replace Traditional Tipping with Online Tipping

Cover The Cost of Going Online

Be it a diner, a QSR, or a large restaurant, taking your business online offers great advantages, but also comes at a cost. Cover this with an online ordering fee or "online tip". Since it replaces traditional tipping, your customers will not be paying any additional amount. At the same time, it will help you cover the online cost. This cutting-edge EasyOrder feature is integrated with the automated billing format. You don't have to add the fee manually and risk over or under-charging, and you can configure it either as a percentage of the bill amount or as a flat fee.

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Transparency Pays

Incorporate Information on Food Allergens

Include such vital ingredient information in your own branded app. Increase your customers' goodwill and enhance your brand integrity.

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Earmark Delivery Zones

Enable Order Deliveries with Speed and Efficiency

Clearly tag the delivery zones and set the terms and conditions of delivery. Re-calibrate these settings if and when required. Our lean and agile technology backbone helps you do all this easily.

easyorder get-in-the-zone

Smooth Payment Processes

Avoid Checkout Errors with Confidence

Almost 60% of online stores report basic checkout errors regularly, affecting their brand reputation. Avoid such risks with our secure and sure-shot 1-click checkout feature.

easyorder be-fast-or-be-last

Smart Choices

Offer A Range of Ordering Services

Fulfil your customers' individual ordering needs. Offer them a choice of take-out, delivery, or table-side ordering on your own branded app.

easyorder dine-in-or-take-out

Time Is Money

Convenient Guest Checkouts

Customers often do not have the time to fill personal details before placing their first orders. Save their time. Facilitate them with the convenience of guest checkout.

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Happy Customer Tribe

Grow Your Customer Base with Superior App UX

If the customer is the king, app UX is the kingmaker. Each Dollar spent on good UX design generates a return of $100. And our app gives you and your food business a best-in-class experience. Build on this strength to dramatically grow your customer base.

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Fast, Easy, and Accurate

Smart Search Filters for Increased Revenue

Speed is everything while searching for services. Offer your customers a seamless and smart experience with EasyOrder's AI-enabled search results. They will lead to order and revenue growth.

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Be Everywhere on the Web

App + web page + kiosk interface = Combination meal for online business

The suite includes a fully integrated, optional self-service kiosk interface , which also incentivises app downloads. This will help you to engage efficiently with your repeat customers.

easyorder omnichannel


Work Faster, Manage Better

Automated Supply Chain Management

Use our production items' templates to accurately predict future orders and maintain adequate supplies. Reduce waste through the smart inventory of perishable items and other inputs.

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Time Management Is Everything

Manage Time Slots to Fulfil Orders Efficiently

Manage orders efficiently with our Time Management Slots. Set different time slots and key in the maximum number of orders you can fulfil in each slot. This will streamline your workflow and enhance customer satisfaction – and avoid delays.

easyorder time-is-everything

Well-informed Is Well-served

Define Preparation Times

Send preparation time alerts through your app to encourage customers to order in time. This feature transforms rush hour chaos into well-managed peak hour order fulfilment.

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All Work and No Play?

Simple and Easy "Closed" Setting

Take a day off, or rest for a few hours. Put up a "Closed" sign on your online shop with a simple click.

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All For One And One For All

Manage Multiple Stores

Are you a multi-firm? No need to create an individual app for each of your stores. You can easily manage all your locations in one branded app.

easyorder all-for-one

Say "Sold Out" in Time

Instant Tagging of Unavailable Items

Rule out any chance of unfulfilled orders. The intuitive EasyOrder technology puts up instant "Not Available" tags on items that are out of stock.

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Better Safe Than Sorry

End-to-end Contactless Order Fulfilment

EasyOrder facilitates contactless order fulfilment from start to finish, in line with high hygiene standards to ensure your and your customers' safety.

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Check, Please!

Integrated Ticketing System

Receive and acknowledge orders instantly with our integrated ticketing system. It will automatically print out new orders, which will help you track and manage orders efficiently.

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Constant Order Status Updates

Keep your customers informed about their order status 24/7 through EasyOrder alerts – and take the guesswork out of the status of their order. Your customers will know exactly when to pick up orders, fresh and tasty!

easyorder just-in-time

A Text In Time

Timely SMS Updates for Guest Orders

Send SMS updates to customers who did not register on your app but ordered as guests. Also use such opportunities for promotional purposes!

easyorder sms-updates


Always On – Always Online

Out-Brand the Competition

With EasyOrder's comprehensive online ordering solutions, you never miss a lead or an order. The bespoke, branded app with your unique logo creates a top-of-mind brand recall with your customers and leads. And the branded direct ordering webpage can be fully integrated with your website. Don't have a website? We will create a unique, smart-looking web page and integrate it with your EasyOrder suite for your eatery, diner, or single-outlet food brands.

easyorder make-it-yours

Push Your Sales to the Next Level

Push Notifications

Connect directly with your loyal customers with push notifications. They offer great opportunities to activate your marketing campaigns, special offers, loyalty programmes, and more – even send birthday greetings!

easyorder send-it

Code Your Online Success Story

Discount Codes

Keep your regular customers happy and re-connect with those who have not signed in recently with special, appetising offers.

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Loyalty Pays, and How!

Loyalty Programmes

Show your loyal customers how much you value their business. Strengthen your bond with loyalty cards, or even create special offers for their birthday. Use customer data to design such memorable loyalty programmes.

easyorder thanks-come-again

One Size Does Not Fit All

Tailored Offers

Create personalised offers for your customers. Tailor your unique promotional offers – don't depend on ready-mades.

easyorder whos-that

Data is King

Data-driven Growth-hacking

EasyOrder's powerful AI and machine learning capabilities offer you deep marketing insights. Use them to chart your steep growth path.

easyorder smart-decisions

Build a winning team

Promote new and lesser-selling products

The hot cakes will sell themselves. Take care of the newer and weaker products with in-app promotions or splash screen messaging. With EasyOrder, it really is easy.

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Ace the Online Game

30% Bigger Ticket Size

Online ordering increases the average ticket size by up to 30%. Reach more customers, and generate more profits, with EasyOrder.

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SEO Friendship Goes a Long Way

Advanced SEO

All our ordering pages are 100% SEO friendly. With EasyOrder, you will rank high in Google search. Potential customers will find you within seconds.

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The Art and Science of App Downloads

Be a Master

Collaborate with our marketing specialists to drive app downloads. Because each app download means your brand is in your customer's pocket, literally.

easyorder get-downloads

In-app is in style

Exclusive In-app Promotions

Moments spent in-app are golden moments. Seize those moments with exclusive in-app promotions. Offer exclusive in-app promotions, vouchers and offers to retain loyal customers. Add a unique, fully automated loyalty card to welcome regulars into your golden customer community. Gamification features and AI allow you to use a multi-level loyalty card. This way, regular customers become golden customers.

easyorder make-it-golden

Newsfeed nutrition

Keep Customers Well-informed

Use our Newsfeed feature to share your breaking news and memorable events with your customers. It is a great way to bond. You can also sync this feature with your social media posts to create a buzz around your brand.

easyorder news-feed


Checkout Moment – Aha Moment

Optimised Checkout Conversion Rates

We have the best partners in the industry to optimise checkout conversion rates – a vital metric of the e-commerce business. Integrations are a breeze. We have also negotiated the best pricing for you – you're welcome on board!

easyorder pay-up

Do It All with Deliverect

Best-in-class POS integration

EasyOrder offers comprehensive POS integration through Deliverect, the industry-leading POS management platform. It integrates all your online channels with your POS. So, your product and menu updates and other changes are automatically transferred to your branded app, web ordering page, and DIY kiosk, all at once! There's more. Deliverect supports all major POS systems. It can integrate all your third-party channels with a single POS system. And with Deliverect, you can do away with the time-consuming manual re-entry of order receipts in your POS system.

easyorder pos-integrations

Apicbase Is Epic

Cutting-edge Backend Integration and Automation

With EasyOrder, you are going to be busier than ever managing the growth of your business. That's why we have chosen Apicbase – another industry-leading platform to manage your Food & Beverage business end-to-end. It streamlines inventory management, optimises input and output costs, and does much more to save your valuable time. Apicbase's backend integration and automation is especially beneficial for multi-location stores, food chains, and other such large establishments.

easyorder apicbase-integrations

Outsource Coding

Coding Ninjas at Your Service

Coding can be overwhelming. That's why our coding experts handle it for you. All you do is review and approve the exciting design and UX propositions they make for your e-commerce channels.

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