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Customer Success Study: Mam's Gourmet

In a culinary world brimming with competition, Mam's Gourmet's partnership with EasyOrder transformed their trajectory. Explore their journey of innovation and growth that reshaped customer experiences and propelled them to extraordinary success.

In today's competitive business landscape, leveraging technology to enhance customer experiences and boost operational efficiency is crucial. Mam's Gourmet, a culinary haven known for its exquisite flavors and gourmet delights, embarked on a journey with EasyOrder that led to remarkable growth and success. Let's delve into the story of how Mam's Gourmet harnessed the power of EasyOrder's features to achieve impressive results.


Mam's Gourmet faced the challenge of standing out in a saturated culinary market. The task at hand was to not only maintain their loyal customer base but also attract new ones, all while increasing their average basket price, overall sales, and order numbers.

The EasyOrder Solution

Mam's Gourmet partnered with EasyOrder to transform their business operations and elevate customer engagement. The strategic implementation of EasyOrder's features played a pivotal role in achieving their success metrics:

ATV Increase

Through EasyOrder's individual promo codes and promo code campaigns, Mam's Gourmet enticed customers to explore a diverse range of their gourmet offerings. By tailoring promotions to customer preferences, they unlocked a 17% increase in their ATV. Customers were not only drawn to Mam's Gourmet for their delectable dishes but also for the enticing value offered through these personalized promotions.

Sales Increase

Mam's Gourmet witnessed a substantial 109% increase in sales within a year of integrating EasyOrder's solutions. The push notifications and newsfeed functionalities proved to be invaluable tools. These features enabled Mam's Gourmet to keep customers informed about new menu additions, seasonal specials, and exclusive offers. This real-time communication heightened customer engagement and, in turn, boosted sales figures significantly.

Order Number Increase

EasyOrder's promotion of the Mam's Gourmet app on social media platforms played a pivotal role in driving an impressive 80% increase in order numbers. Through strategic online marketing campaigns, Mam's Gourmet expanded their reach, attracting a wider audience of food enthusiasts eager to explore their gourmet delights. The newsfeed feature also allowed them to showcase customer reviews and visually appealing images of their dishes, further enticing potential customers to place orders.

The Recipe for Success

Mam's Gourmet's collaboration with EasyOrder exemplifies the power of leveraging technology to achieve remarkable growth. Individual promo codes and promo code campaigns incentivized customers to explore the full range of Mam's Gourmet's culinary treasures. Push notifications and newsfeed features ensured that customers remained up-to-date with the latest offerings, and by promoting the app on social media platforms, Mam's Gourmet attracted a broader customer base.

Mam's Gourmet's success story with EasyOrder showcases the potential of technology to reshape customer experiences and drive business growth. Their journey underscores the importance of staying connected with customers, adapting to their preferences, and embracing innovative solutions to stand out in a competitive market. Just like a perfectly crafted dish, Mam's Gourmet and EasyOrder have blended their strengths to create a truly satisfying customer experience.

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