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Customer Success Study: Griik Street Food

Griik Street Food, with the magic of EasyOrder, ignited a sizzling transformation in just half a year. Taste the essence of Greece with their captivating culinary journey!

Griik Street Food, on a mission to introduce people to the divine flavors of Greek cuisine, partnered with EasyOrder to embark on a journey of growth and culinary excellence. Within just six months of adopting EasyOrder's innovative solutions, they achieved outstanding results that transformed their business.


Griik Street Food's goal was clear - they wanted to share the heavenly tastes of Greek pitas, prepared exclusively with the finest and freshest ingredients. They needed to not only enhance customer satisfaction but also increase their operational efficiency. Their commitment to eco-friendliness extended to their packaging and cutlery choices.

The EasyOrder Solution

Griik Street Food turned to EasyOrder for solutions that would elevate their customer experience while optimizing their operations.

Key Achievements

The journey with EasyOrder propelled Griik to unprecedented success, backed by quantifiable results and achievements that spoke volumes.

ATV Increase

Through the use of EasyOrder's promo codes, Griik Street Food enticed customers to explore a wider range of their delectable Greek pitas. This strategic move led to a remarkable 13% increase in their average basket price, as customers indulged in more of their irresistible offerings.

Order Numbers Increase

EasyOrder's self-ordering kiosk proved to be a game-changer for Griik Street Food. It streamlined the ordering process, leading to a 15% increase in order numbers. Customers enjoyed the convenience and efficiency of placing their orders, which translated to a surge in business.

Sales Increase

The implementation of EasyOrder's solutions brought Griik Street Food a substantial 30% increase in sales. This boost in revenue was a testament to the effectiveness of their customer engagement strategies, powered by EasyOrder's tools.

The Recipe for Success

Griik Street Food's partnership with EasyOrder exemplifies how technology can enhance the customer experience while driving business growth. The use of promo codes enticed customers to savor more of Griik's exquisite offerings. EasyOrder's self-ordering kiosk streamlined the ordering process, and their commitment to enhancing customer engagement through EasyOrder's solutions translated into a remarkable 30% increase in sales.

Griik Street Food's journey with EasyOrder showcases the power of technology to elevate the customer experience and drive remarkable growth. Their dedication to quality, eco-friendliness, and efficiency, combined with EasyOrder's promo codes and self-ordering kiosk, has redefined the Greek culinary experience. Just like the Greek gods themselves, Griik Street Food and EasyOrder have crafted a recipe for success that leaves customers craving for more.

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