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Customer Success Study: Dori's Poké Bowl

Unveil the story of Dori's Poké Bowl: a small business turned success sensation with EasyOrder. Witness a 10% ATV surge and doubled orders in 90 days through innovation and personalized strategies.

In the dynamic world of the food industry, where innovation and customer satisfaction are paramount, success stories often shine as beacons of inspiration. One such tale is that of Dori's Poké Bowl, a culinary haven that rapidly ascended to new heights with the strategic partnership of EasyOrder. This is a story of transformation, where challenges turned into triumphs, and business growth soared beyond expectations.


Before the partnership with EasyOrder, Dori's Poké Bowl faced the challenges that many businesses encounter in a competitive market. While their culinary creations were celebrated, there was a need to streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and drive revenue growth. The business landscape demanded a solution that could bridge the gap between potential and realization.

The EasyOrder Solution

Enter EasyOrder, a game-changer in the food industry, offering innovative technology solutions that empower businesses to succeed. Dori's Poké Bowl embraced EasyOrder's suite of tools to revolutionize their operations and customer interactions. The results were nothing short of remarkable, as EasyOrder's transformative features seamlessly integrated into Dori's Poké Bowl's existing framework.

Key Achievements

The journey with EasyOrder propelled Dori's Poké Bowl to unprecedented success, backed by quantifiable results and achievements that spoke volumes.

ATV Increase

A star achievement was the impressive 10% increase in basket price. EasyOrder's personalized promotions and tailored offerings enticed customers to explore more of what Dori's Poké Bowl had to offer, resulting in higher spending per order.

Order Numbers Increase

The number of orders placed experienced an outstanding doubling, driven by the convenience and ease of ordering that EasyOrder's technology introduced. Customers found it more accessible than ever to indulge in their favorite poké bowls.

Sales Increase

The impact was not just limited to order numbers, but also rippled through the sales revenue, which tripled in a short span of time. EasyOrder's seamless integration and intuitive user experience played a pivotal role in driving up revenue and profitability.

The Recipe for Success

Dori's Poké Bowl's triumph with EasyOrder was fueled by a combination of innovation, customer-centric strategies, and adaptability. The introduction of a loyalty program, coupled with targeted email campaigns made possible by the Mailchimp integration, kept customers engaged and returning for more. The strategic use of promo codes, including seasonal and regular discounts, further sweetened the deal.

Dori's Poké Bowl's journey is a testament to the transformative power of technology in reshaping businesses. What began as a partnership with EasyOrder turned into a symphony of growth, success, and innovation. As we celebrate Dori's Poké Bowl's achievements, we are reminded of the boundless possibilities that lie ahead for businesses ready to embrace change.

If you're ready to elevate your business, just like Dori's Poké Bowl did, it's time to consider what EasyOrder's transformative solutions can do for you. Explore our offerings today, watch our demo and let's talk about your journey towards success. The future of your business awaits – powered by innovation, driven by technology, and inspired by the remarkable journey of Dori's Poké Bowl.

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