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Customer Success Study: Bryan's Burger House

Discover how Bryan's Burger House harnessed the power of technology to achieve a remarkable 9x revenue boost within their first year. EasyOrder's seamless integration paved the way for innovation, convenience, and exponential growth.

In the competitive realm of burgers and fries, Bryan's Burger House stands as a beacon of success, showcasing the transformative power of technology in reshaping customer experiences and driving unparalleled growth. Partnering with EasyOrder catapulted them to unprecedented heights, yielding a 9x revenue surge and fostering a dedicated base of over 1200 returning customers.


Before joining forces with EasyOrder, Bryan's Burger House faced the quintessential challenges of the modern food industry: streamlining the ordering process, enhancing customer loyalty, and staying competitive in an increasingly digitized world. The need to provide an efficient, engaging, and convenient experience for their customers prompted them to seek a solution that would address these hurdles.

The EasyOrder Solution

Enter EasyOrder, the game-changing technology that enabled Bryan's Burger House to revolutionize their operations and customer interactions. By embracing a suite of innovative features, Bryan's Burger House was able to overcome their challenges and reshape their business for exponential growth.

Key Achievements

With a data-driven approach and a focus on customer satisfaction, Bryan's Burger House achieved remarkable milestones that underscore the transformative impact of their collaboration with EasyOrder.

ATV Increase

The integration of EasyOrder led to an impressive boost in average basket price. By leveraging personalized promotions and targeted incentives, Bryan's Burger House enticed customers to explore a wider range of menu items, resulting in increased spending per order.

Order Numbers Increase

The ease and convenience offered by EasyOrder led to a tripling in the number of orders placed. Customers embraced the simplicity of the platform, allowing Bryan's Burger House to tap into previously untapped demand and achieve unprecedented order volume.

Sales Increase

The most staggering achievement was the 9-fold surge in sales revenue. EasyOrder's seamless technology integration, combined with Bryan's Burger House's dedication to excellence, resulted in an impressive uptick in profitability that surpassed all expectations.

The Recipe for Success

Bryan's Burger House's success story with EasyOrder underscores the significance of several key ingredients: innovation, customer-centricity, and adaptability. By embracing the spotlight feature to showcase signature menu items and effectively utilizing the newsfeed feature for special deals, they created an engaging and personalized experience for every customer.

In the journey of Bryan's Burger House, we witness a profound transformation brought about by strategic technology integration. The restaurant not only streamlined its operations but also elevated the customer experience to new heights, fostering loyalty and driving exponential growth. This success story serves as a resounding call to businesses across industries to consider the power of technology in shaping their own remarkable narratives.

Inspired by Bryan's Burger House's journey? Explore the possibilities with EasyOrder by watching a quick demo and taking the first step towards unlocking your own business's potential for growth and success. Get in touch with us today!

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