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All the exciting dining options and how EasyOrder complements their online ordering system

This blog post explains dining types and the unique solution that EasyOrder implemented while creating their food and beverage order app and online ordering system.

This blog post explains dining types and the unique solution EasyOrder implemented while creating its food and beverage order app and online ordering system. Restaurant owners and any food and beverage service provider will find it insightful to see how EasyOrder's technology complements the sales revenue, the customer experience, and the convenience of the ordering process of these different types of business models within the food and beverage industry.

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Our previous blog posts covered dark kitchens and friteries, and it would be convenient to stop there. But you already know us: one of our mottos is "can't stop, won't stop," so we will head on to explaining other dining types from our customer portfolio that we are excited about.

All the examples used in this blog post are unique in their concepts, but there is one thing in common: they opted for the EasyOrder solution. In addition, they customized it to achieve a competitive edge in restaurant technology and provide their guest's access to a seamless online ordering experience.

Some have a tailored loyalty system, some offer one-of-a-kind discounts, and all of them harness our software technology to improve their services, revenue, and guests' experience.

How can you classify dining?

There is no universally accepted classification; the f&b industry instead uses different variables to categorize restaurants or any other type of food and beverage business. The most common categories are based on cuisine type, preparation method, pricing, seating options, or how the food is served to the customer.

Cuisine type

Cuisine types with the most significant influence on world palate are Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and American, but there are more than a hundred other cuisine types.

Preparation method

The preparation method is the art form and applied science of preparing meals. You can think of baking, frying, smoking, and so on.


Pricing usually walks hand in hand with formality, but we generally differentiate between inexpensive, moderate, expensive, and very expensive categories.

Seating options

Seating options can vary as well. Can the food be consumed in the restaurant? Then we are talking about a dine-in concept. Is it only available for takeout, with a few seats at the counter? Or is it just a kitchen where you can pick up your order - as it is with dark kitchens?

Whatever the type and form are, we are EasyOrder, and we know that the longest way round is the shortest way home. So in this article, we will capture and explain the most exciting types.


Brunch is a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch. With the rise of the weekend, factory and office workers were able to stay up late on Friday and Saturday nights.

The next day, they sought heartier foods such as sausage, bacon, ham, smoked salmon, and sweet fares like pancakes, waffles, French toast, and pastries.

A must for brunch is egg dishes, especially Eggs Benedict.

online orders food delivery restaurant experience

Launching a brunch formula offers great growth opportunities for restaurants. The average basket ticket for brunch is often higher than that of a lunch. The margins are also better if we keep in mind that most dishes served have relatively low material costs compared to a classic menu.

Look at how NOSH combines sweet and salty brunch dishes! Their unique concept provides different brunch boxes you can take home, and their loyalty system will ensure you return to dine-in at their beautiful restaurant in the historic heart of Leuven.


The two flagship concepts of the American food and beverage industry used to be fast food and fine dining. However, fast-casual squeezed between them in recent years with surprising growth opportunities.

With this concept, restaurants increased the quality of their ingredients but maintained the convenience, speed, informality, and relative affordability that defines the fast-food industry.

mobile apps order food restaurant

A fast-casual restaurant does not offer full table service but advertises higher quality food than fast-food restaurants, with fewer frozen or processed ingredients.

They operate with higher sit-in ratios, offering a hybrid between counter-service typical at fast-food restaurants and a traditional table service restaurant.

A great example is Hashtag Brussels — forget everything you knew about burgers because they took it to the next level with…WAFFLES!

They also offer delicious milkshakes and even have a DJ on Sunday afternoons!

Upon signing up for the EasyOrder solution, they opted for table-side ordering, achieved by a unique QR code, ensuring that customers can check out the menu from the convenience of their phone.

Fast food

Also known as a quick-service restaurant (QSR), it provides minimal table service and limited menus. It relies primarily on counter-service; however, seating may be provided.

Food is quickly prepared and served, often at chain restaurants, and typically associated with less expensive and less nutritious items like hamburgers, french fries, and soft drinks.

customers data loyalty program customize

They are usually big within the mobile ordering ecosystem. Their business model provides a fast ordering process that can easily complement a mobile app, delighting their customers directly since their target audience usually consists of younger customers.

Just look at City Food Lounge - no summer body is safe with the delicious bites they have to offer.

They took their subscription to the next level because, apart from the usual online ordering system, they opted for a kiosk, increasing revenue and lightening the load on their marketing budget.

Fast good

Who doesn't want to eat healthy food that is prepared fast and doesn't even cost more than other options? That's precisely what fast good is about.

New customers from the younger generation are particularly keen to order nutritionally well-balanced food that respects the environment.

grow revenue ordering food online order site menu

Many restaurants grew revenue by transforming their services towards the fast good trend, with great success.

Lucy Chang is an excellent example of how to create a convenient and user-friendly online ordering solution for a restaurant. Their platform supports multiple locations and takeout ability, keeping the customers happy by spending less time waiting and looking for the best solution for a healthy meal.


A café is a type of restaurant that typically serves coffee, tea, and light refreshments such as baked goods, snacks, or smoothies.

They are popular remote working hubs as well. A recent trend is cafés serving lunch menus with full meals or fast-prepared bites.

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From lunch through brunch and snacks, you will find everything at Cécile!

They implemented table-side ordering on their terrace during the warm months, so customers can enjoy the sunshine while ordering from the unique Cácile mobile ordering app.

Lunch and sandwich

Lunchtime is a significant revenue source for any restaurant business.

Since COVID-19 altered our lives, many restaurant owners realized they could not rely only on dining in, so they transformed their services into takeout and delivery options.

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One great example of a successful transformation is Superbowl.

Their special offers include homemade, seasonal, organic, and local ingredients available for business lunch meetings, team lunch meetings, or other company events requiring delicious food!

Another superhero from the EasyOrder squad is Jeanbon. Again, they aimed for the nearly impossible: to grant access to quality food in a lovely setting focusing on fast service at a reasonable price.

The quality and simplicity of their products and dedicated team ensure repeat customers, and how they customize the EasyOrder solution provides a unique restaurant experience.


Bakeries offer flour-based products, with some also providing refreshments such as coffee, tea, and various juices.

Because of the main ingredient, flour, bakeries have to place special emphasis on providing information about the product consistency to people who have allergies or sensitivities to certain foods.

food loyalty costs free cost ability software

With the EasyOrder solution, you can create and customize ingredient information in your own branded app and website, increasing your customers' goodwill and your brand integrity.

The platform of Bakkerij De Baere includes a breakfast option, providing extra convenience for store visitors. Customers also have the ability to place orders in advance and request the pick-up at a later date.


One of the ancient trades, butchers prepare cuts of different meats and sell them in their establishments. In most cases, the meat is prepared after the purchase; however, in many countries, butchers are offering their products already prepared, with an option of counter-service or dine-in.

Whatever the case, EasyOrder has a well-tried and tested solution for butcheries.

spend create free cost store loyalty waiting

One of our flagship projects is Atelier Millevaches, with its four locations.

They are proud of their independence - they control the whole process from farm to butcher shop – guaranteeing quality and avoiding extreme price fluctuations.

They offer a multitude of beef, chicken, lamb, and various regional charcuterie from several countries. Our intelligent search filter was critical while creating their branded mobile app and online ordering system.

We covered the why, now let's see the how

Hopefully, by now, you are convinced that EasyOrder is the best solution to your online ordering needs and that your business needs its mobile ordering app.

Spend less on commission fees, decrease your marketing costs, and spend time enjoying what you are the best in delivering stellar services and products to your customers.

The website and app for your restaurant, as well as your business, will be independent of third-party apps within a matter of days, free of commission fees or hidden charges.

Start to accept orders online to avoid long lines forming in front of your business, and collect and store customer data. Complement all this with your unique customer loyalty system and a POS system integration.

Visit our site or request a demo to start your own restaurant online ordering system.

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