Tableside self ordering

Optimise your workflow and shorten the queue using your own e-commerce app

Give your customers the ability to order online quickly and easily with your own app. All your online orders will appear on the user friendly dashboard, so you can efficiently manage the morning peak and estimate the needed stock.

Provide a great customer experience and facilitate your way of working with just one app. You will attract more customers and will no longer be limited by your physical capacity.

Loyalty card

An in-built loyalty card automatically rewards your regular customers. You choose the amount of stamps necessary for a full card and the reward, the app does the rest.

Online Payments

The app allows customers to pay online in advance. Do you still want to offer the possibility to pay in cash? You can choose the payments options yourself.


Product listing

When you have received your orders for the (next) day, you can download the product list in one click. This way, you can estimate the needed stock and avoid stock-outs or redundancies.

Insightful dashboard

The EasyOrder dashboard offers a quick overview of your monthly sales, popular products, and more. You will get valuable insights in your online sales by analyzing this screen.

Processing and last ordering time

Set a minimum processing and last ordering time per product. The app will automatically calculate when a customer can pick up his order.

Customize your app!

It’s all customizable, according to your needs. Challenge us!

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“We notice that it's easier to work, and that the peak is more concentrated, but much busier. We notice that it’s easier to work, and that the peak is more concentrated, but much busier.”


Laurent Snack & Pita

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