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The top 10 benefits of self-ordering kiosks for restaurants

Self-ordering kiosks can boost your restaurant’s sales, service, and customer satisfaction. Here are 10 reasons why you should invest in this technology today.

Self-ordering kiosks are becoming more and more popular in the restaurant industry, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. These devices allow customers to place and pay for their orders by themselves, using a touchscreen interface that displays the menu and guides them through the process. But what are the benefits of self-ordering kiosks for restaurants? Here are 10 reasons why you should consider investing in this technology for your business.

Increased Check Sizes

One of the most obvious benefits of self-ordering kiosks is that they can boost your sales by increasing the average check size. How? By using smart upselling and cross-selling techniques that suggest additional items or larger portions to customers as they build their orders. For example, a kiosk can ask customers if they want to add fries, a drink, or a dessert to their order, or if they want to upgrade to a combo meal. These prompts are consistent and effective, and can increase the average order size by 15-30%.

Improved Order Accuracy

Another benefit of self-ordering kiosks is that they can reduce the possibility of human error and improve order accuracy. Customers can see exactly what they are ordering on the screen, and can easily modify or confirm their choices before paying. This eliminates the risk of miscommunication or misunderstanding between customers and staff, which can lead to incorrect or incomplete orders, wasted food, and unhappy customers. With self-ordering kiosks, customers get exactly what they want, every time.

Faster Service and Shorter Lines

Self-ordering kiosks can also speed up the service and shorten the lines at your restaurant. Customers can place their orders faster and more efficiently using the kiosk interface, without having to wait for a staff member to be available or to repeat their order multiple times. This reduces the queue time and improves the customer experience. Moreover, self-ordering kiosks can free up your staff from taking orders and allow them to focus on preparing and delivering the food faster.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Self-ordering kiosks can also enhance the customer experience by providing more control, choice, and personalization. Customers can browse through the menu at their own pace, without feeling rushed or pressured by staff or other customers. They can also customize their orders according to their preferences, allergies, or dietary restrictions, without having to explain themselves or ask for special requests. Self-ordering kiosks can also offer loyalty programs, rewards, coupons, or feedback options that can increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Reduced Labor Costs

Self-ordering kiosks can also help you reduce your labor costs by requiring fewer staff members to take orders at the front counter. This can save you money on wages, training, uniforms, and other expenses associated with hiring and managing employees. You can also use your existing staff more efficiently by reallocating them to other tasks that require more human interaction or skill, such as preparing food, serving customers, or cleaning tables.

Increased Data Collection

One of the biggest benefits of self-ordering kiosks is data collection. By keeping track of customer behavior, self-ordering kiosks offer invaluable insights on customer preferences, such as most preferred and least preferred food items, most crowded time of the day, the total time spent at the menu board or payment window, etc. You can use this data to optimize your menu design, pricing strategy, inventory management, marketing campaigns, and overall business performance.

Improved Brand Image

Self-ordering kiosks can also improve your brand image by showing that you are innovative, modern, and customer-oriented. Customers appreciate businesses that use technology to make their lives easier and more convenient. By offering self-ordering kiosks at your restaurant, you can demonstrate that you care about your customers’ needs and expectations, and that you are willing to invest in solutions that improve their experience.

More Upsell Opportunities

Self-ordering kiosks can also create more upsell opportunities by displaying options that customers might not know about otherwise. For example, a kiosk can show customers pictures of new or seasonal items that are not on the printed menu, or highlight items that are on sale or have limited availability. A kiosk can also show customers how they can customize their orders with different toppings, sauces, or sides, or how they can bundle their items with other products or services. These options can entice customers to try something new or spend more money.

Better Hygiene and Safety

Self-ordering kiosks can also provide better hygiene and safety for both customers and staff, especially in the post-pandemic era. Customers can avoid touching cash or cards, and use contactless payment methods such as mobile wallets or QR codes. Customers can also avoid interacting with staff or other customers, and maintain social distancing while ordering. Self-ordering kiosks can also be easily sanitized and disinfected between uses, using wipes, sprays, or UV light.

Higher Customer Loyalty

Finally, self-ordering kiosks can increase customer loyalty by making customers feel more valued and appreciated. Customers can enjoy a faster, easier, and more personalized ordering experience, without any hassle or frustration. Customers can also benefit from loyalty programs, rewards, coupons, or feedback options that can make them feel recognized and rewarded for their patronage. Customers who have a positive experience with self-ordering kiosks are more likely to return to your restaurant and recommend it to others.

As you can see, self-ordering kiosks offer many benefits for restaurants of all sizes and types. They can help you increase your sales, improve your service, enhance your customer experience, reduce your costs, and grow your business. If you are interested in adding self-ordering kiosks to your restaurant, you should look for a reliable and reputable provider that can offer you high-quality devices, software, and support. EasyOrder is one of the leading providers of self-ordering kiosks in the market. Contact us today to find out how we can help you transform your restaurant with self-ordering kiosks.

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