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Successful: parameter know that online ordering is the best way to get more out of their business.

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Successful: parameter know that online ordering is the best way to get more out of their business.

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Offer an alternative for your waiting customers

Your customers are also busy people. Offer them the possibility to order daily fresh products from your bakery, without having to lose time in the queue. You are available 24/7 and especially when it suits your customers.

Avoid empty shelves

Because you can better respond to sales, you can prevent certain goods from being sold out too quickly, thus avoiding disappointing certain customers and missing out on valuable turnover.

Manage your raw materials and limit wastage

The more orders placed in advance, the better you can respond to what you will sell. This ensures that you have to throw away less unsold goods every day.

Outsmart the local supermarkets

The working man has less and less time, which supermarkets take advantage of by expanding their range further and further with, among other things, a bakery department. Via online orders, your customers will come to you again for their daily fresh and artisan bread.

Reach more clients

The possibility to order via the smartphone will increase the horizon for your bakery. You can reach more customers from the surrounding municipalities, allowing you to already be one step ahead of your competitors.

Don't waste time on pointless tasks

Did you know that you lose most of your time by taking your customers's orders? What often takes a long time is waiting for the customer to choose, passing on their order and taking their payments. These steps are all realized on the customer's smartphone so that you do not lose time as a merchant. You only have to put the order in the bag so that there is less stress and time loss for your customers in the store.

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