Food delivery platforms are great. They provide your customers with a solution to order and pay online and it clearly offers a lot of advantages! Customers love to order online because you can check out the full menu at all times, get more information through images and product descriptions and above all it’s very time effective. Merchants love food delivery platforms because they provide a steady flow of orders and an increase in sales. The only downside of using a delivery platform is that you have to pay a commission for every order you get. But isn’t this a fair deal? You get a new customer and in exchange the third party gets a commission for generating the sale. That’s how business works, right? But what if most of the orders taken in through these delivery platforms are actually coming from regular customers? What if these customers were already yours to begin with? Isn’t it a bit unfair to keep on paying commission fees for customers who come each and every month, week or maybe even every day? It probably is, but it’s logical if there is no other way for customers to place an order other than doing it through a third party platform. What QSR (Quick service restaurants) and take out restaurants need to do is to set up their own dedicated online ordering system so they can attract customers via this channel and build customer loyalty. Why would a customer use my own app or website instead of using a third party platform? Exactly! You need to offer advantages to customers who order straight through your own channels! Create a promo code, set up an automatic loyalty scheme for online orders only, offer discounts on selected items, etc.. In exchange you’ll get more app users and customer data, which you can use for marketing purposes afterwards.


Explore different ways to sell your products

Get Orders online through an eCommerce website or a mobile order application

Your customers will be able to use the order application and website 24/7. This way, customers will not only have a way to check what items you have available at your facility, but you’ll be able to show them what you can order for them too. It will help not losing sales to large retail websites and marketplaces and last but not least attract more people to come to your store. Although you could offer a delivery/shipping option, we strongly advise you to promote the click and collect principle. You’ll want your customers to have online access to the stuff you have for sale while they’re browsing online, but getting local customers to come and pick up their orders in store will make sure your shop stays alive! During high season, queues will be reduced, leaving more room for the occasional shopper who might hang back from entering your too crowded store.

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You can even go a step beyond and put an ordering kiosk in your shop that offers the same products you do in your website and app. What if a product is not in stock? Make it possible to sell right then and there while the customer is in a mood to buy. A kiosk would make it possible for your customers to buy the item in the right color and size so it can be picked up later. Upselling is easier through a kiosk too. E.g.: This t-shirt suits this pair of jeans very well!
It’s a nice addition to have on top of the website and app, but it requires an investment in hardware. Contact us for more information, we can find a solution to fit your budget requirements.

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If you offer a delivery service, you can let customers pick this option in addition to the standard self-pickup option, which you can disable if need be.

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Safe online payments

Customers have the option to pay online but it is also possible to offer a cash payment option at the counter when customers come to pick up their orders. It’s all adjustable, according to your needs.

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Explore different ways to promote your store & products

Send push notifications to your customers

Example 1: The new collection is coming in next week and you want your regular customers to know they can order the new items soon?
Just send a quick push notification to all customers who have downloaded your app and generate more foot traffic to your shop.

Example 2: Were seasonal sales not enough to sell all of your remaining items?
No problem, let people know they can order what’s left via your website and app so you can make room for the new collection in your shop.

  • You don’t have to throw away any unsold goods
  • You attract more foot traffic to your shop in doing so
  • Your shop stays on top of the game by offering the latest items
  • You allocate your valuable shop surface more efficiently

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Promote your ordering app and website

We offer a complete online and offline marketing strategy to ensure a great start to your project. We offer campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, or even Waze, as well as communication materials you can use in your physical store.

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Explore different ways to retain your customers

Loyalty card

Your customers can earn stamps on their digital loyalty card in the app or website. By opening the app, they can view their stamp status at any time. You set the rules: define the amount to be spent to get a point/stamp, define the number of stamps for a full card, define your promotion (% discount, flat rate discount or free product). Once set up, your loyalty program runs automatically. No need to search for stamps or make calculations. If the digital loyalty card is complete, the preset promotion will be applied automatically to the next order ticket and customers will redeem their points effortlessly.

customer loyalty card ordering app

Customer base

In many cases, traditional stores do not always have access to their customers’ data. We make sure everyone who orders at least once through your ordering app or website is added to your customer base. With this feature, you can send them promotions or newsletter e-mails at any time. We have also included a consent checkbox so you’ll comply with the latest regulations.

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And more

We offer a lot more features

Optimal stock management

Avoid sudden stock-outs or having to throw away unsold goods. You can easily play with the required time for an order to be prepared so you’ll know well ahead when products are going to sell well or not.

stock management ordering website

A clear overview of your online performance

The dashboard gives you a quick overview of your monthly sales, popular products, etc. You will get valuable insights by analyzing this screen.

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Mobile order application and customizable eCommerce website

Use your own corporate identity on the webshop as well as the mobile ordering app. Your customers will feel comfortable and your business will come subconsciously to your customers’ minds every day. Your logo will be on their smartphone screen..YYoulll literall bey be in your custmoer’s poscket and able to reach them at all times.

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Sell, Promote, Retain

Reach customers through all different channels. Our Omnichannel solution will redefine your customer journey both online and offline.

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