Digitize your pharmacy by creating an online solution for your customers. Let them order online so your stock management is always on point.


Explore different ways to sell your products

Get orders online via your ordering app or website

Your customers will be able to use the ordering app and the eCommerce website 24/7, stretching your peak times. This way, you can increase your employees’ efficiency by reducing idle time while also reducing stress during rush hours. The result is more in-store traffic and the opportunity to increase sales.

pharmacy ordering app


If you offer a delivery service, you can let customers pick this option in addition to the standard self-pickup option, which you can disable of course.

delivery possibility ordering app

Safe online payments

Customers have the option to pay online but it is also possible to offer a cash payment option at the counter when customers come to pick up their orders. It’s all customizable, according to your needs.

payment possibilities ordering app


Explore different ways to promote your store & products

Send push notifications to your customers

Example 1: Let’s say holidays are coming and you have more and more orders accumulating?
No worries! Advise your customers to place their end-of-year orders well in advance to avoid any problems.

Example 2: Want to promote your halloween collection of sweets?
Send a Push notification to all of the devices that have downloaded your app so people know what’s going on. ‘Trick or Treat, Halloween sweets available as of this Friday!’

push notifications ordering app

Promote your ordering app and website

We offer a complete online and offline marketing strategy to ensure a great start to your project. We offer campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, or even Waze, as well as communication materials you can use in your physical store.

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Explore different ways to retain your customers

Loyalty card

Your customers can earn stamps on their digital loyalty card in the app or website. By opening the app, they can view their stamp status at any time. You set the rules: define the amount to be spent to get a point/stamp, define the number of stamps for a full card, define your promotion (% discount, flat rate discount or free product). Once set up, your loyalty program runs automatically. No need to search for stamps or make calculations. If the digital loyalty card is complete, the preset promotion will be applied automatically to the next order ticket and customers will redeem their points effortlessly

customer loyalty card ordering app

Customer base

In many cases, traditional stores do not always have access to their customers' data. We make sure everyone who orders at least once through your ordering app or website is added to your customer base. With this feature, you can send them promotions or emails at any time. We have also included a consent checkbox so you’ll comply with the latest regulations.

customer base ordering app ordering site

And more

We offer a lot more features

Optimal stock management

Avoid sudden stock-outs or having to throw away unsold goods. You can easily play with the required time for an order to be prepared so you’ll know well ahead when products are going to sell well or not.

stock management ordering website

A clear overview of your online performance

The dashboard gives you a quick overview of your monthly sales, popular products, etc. You will get valuable insights by analyzing this screen.

dashboard online shop

Mobile order application and customizable eCommerce website

Use your own corporate identity on the webshop as well as the mobile ordering app. Your customers will feel comfortable and your business will come subconsciously to your customers’ minds every day. Your logo will be on their smartphone screen. You’ll literally be in your customers’ pockets and able to reach them at all times.

pharmacy ordering app pharmacy ordering app


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Sell, Promote, Retain

Reach customers through all different channels. Our Omnichannel solution will redefine your customer journey both online and offline.

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Would you like to order online at your favorite store but can’t find it anywhere in the list? Let us know and we will contact them for you. How awesome would it be to order ahead at all your local shops and to just go and pick up your orders without having to queue. Besides, you’ll earn points on your loyalty card to get rewards and gain access to exclusive promotions if there are any.








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