#EasyAmbassabor: Knokke Strand!

Beach bar Knokke Strand has been for more than twenty years at the bustling Lichttorenplein in Knokke. You can enjoy a snack and a drink in a quiet, summery atmosphere. Because friendliness and efficiency are  key here, they opted for their own ordering system via EasyOrder. Customers can therefore easily order contactless via a website or application. We asked business manager Barbara a few questions. 

Why did you choose for your own app? 

“The lockdown made us think. Contactless payment has become the norm as a result of the social distancing measures. Moreover, technology is evolving faster and faster and we realized that we didn't want to be left behind. 

Your own app, how does that work?

“The app that EasyOrder offers is a total concept: we have an order website and an app with our own logo and an extensive offline marketing package. We have placed a sticker on each table with a unique QR code to download our app for free. This way, customers can place an order in a few clicks and, if they wish, even pay online. Orders come in automatically via the cloud ticket printer at the bar. When an order is ready, we send a push message to the customer to notify him. The customer collects his order at the pick-up zone and… ready! He can enjoy his order almost contactlessly. Very corona-proof. ”

What advantages does the app offer?

“In times of social distance and contactless ordering, having your own app is an absolute added value. First, we can complete more orders and serve customers faster, making us work much more efficiently. The app is our digital waiter that can take an infinite number of orders at once. We already noticed this during the first week: more than 2,100 online orders, 1,800 of which via the app. The push notifications are also very easy to keep customers informed. They can follow up when we prepare their order and when it is ready at the bar. This way we can avoid queues at the pick-up zone. Moreover, we note that orders via the app are proportionately larger and therefore generate more sales. Customers take more time to go through the menu and select what they feel like right at the moment. A win-win! ”

Last, but not least, how do customers react? 

“Our customers are very satisfied. Because beach bars aren't not allowed to take orders at the table, the waiting time at the bar can be long. Customers love to avoid the queues and enjoy themselves in peace until they receive a push message. The guarantee of social distancing also clearly plays a role. "

Let us know which merchant we should contact.

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