#EasyAmbassador: Franchise Van Opstal-Van Boxel

 “One brand, one app, six locations” 


In 2017 Paul Van Opstal, CEO and manager of the Van Opstal-Van Boxel bakery, launched an own online ordering system and a personalized app for his six affiliates. With the app, customers can easily place an order and pick it up at a chosen time in any of the locations. An easy solution for both entrepreneurs and customers: orders can be prepared more efficiently and customers no longer have to queue up. Paul Van Opstal tells us more.


Van Opstal discovered the EasyOrder online ordering system through a befriended entrepreneur. “I regularly ordered meals via the app of a fellow local shopkeeper”, says Van Opstal. “The app is very easy-to-use and customer friendly, because customers no longer waste time in long queues. During peak hours, the waiting time in our bakeries often runs up, so I was immediately convinced”.


Done and done! After a joint agreement of his franchisees, Paul Van Opstal opted for an own app with one brand name and six stores. “We launched one central app, where customers can choose the nearest location to order. It was important for us to unite all our branches under the name of our company, because they all represent us. Van Opstal-Van Boxel offers its franchisees not only quality products, but also a comprehensive marketing strategy and other services. Our own app is part of our brand”.


Three years later, Van Opstal-Van Boxel is still a satisfied customer, because an own app offers plenty of advantages. Since customers can choose a pick-up place, date and even a specific pick-up time, the bakeries can follow up orders easily and conveniently. In addition, all franchisees can print individual production lists for orders to suppliers. This allows external orders to be estimated more accurately and surpluses to be reduced.


Recently Van Opstal-Van Boxel also added the possibility of online payments, so orders can now be paid in cash as well as in advance. This enables customers to order and pay in a few simple clicks. “The online payment system works very well for us. It is fully integrated into our app. If you order via desktop, you can pay by scanning a QR-code. If you order through the mobile app, you are automatically redirected to your bank app. Very easy, especially in times of COVID-19.”


Today, Van Opstal-Van Boxel's own app is more successful than ever. Moreover, the app has its own clientele, with a steady group of customers who prefer mobile ordering. “We do indeed have a loyal group that prefers the app. These are often weekend orders, with customers ordering their usual breakfast, brunch or pastries in advance, avoiding the queue on Sundays. In the future we plan to promote the app even more for lunch orders and sandwiches. As such, we will be able to anticipate the lunch peak and serve customers even faster”.



“We regularly use push notifications to keep our customers updated. For example, we send push messages around Easter or Mother's Day, as a gentle reminder to place orders on time. Easy for them and for us!”


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