#EasyAmbassador: Beni Falafel

Whoever thinks falafel, thinks Beni Falafel in Antwerp. The charming food bar has been providing deliciously fresh dishes in an authentic setting for more than 50 years. In 2017, Beni Falafel was awarded "the best falafel in the world… " and it is now also available online. A mobile webshop and app for an authentic falafel bar? Manager Harris Malkoc tells us more. 

Why did you choose for your own app?
“We chose our own e-commerce app for two reasons. The first reason was a very concrete question from our customers. Before we launched our new ordering system, some customers ordered by phone and then sent an empty taxi to pick up the order. Such an expensive journey often costs as much or more than the original order… so we were well aware that our customers needed it. At the same time, we didn't want to be left behind either: we know more than ever that technology is evolving rapidly and we didn't want to miss the boat. ”

What benefits does the app offer? 

“Thanks to the app, we can reach many more people. Customers nowadays expect everything to be very easy, fast and user-friendly. We can respond to this by offering our own online ordering system.  Moreover, we can process many more orders in less time, because we do not lose time with telephone orders. When a customer places an order, it automatically enters through the cloud ticket printer. We process the order and keep the customer informed via push messages. It's that simple! We are also thinking of expanding our e-commerce ordering system in the future. At the moment we only work with pick-up orders, but we also want to be able to offer delivery. ”

You have your own app, do you use any other order platforms? 

“No, not anymore at the moment. We used to work with a large ordering platform, but we paid a large percentage of commission every month. The more sales we generated, the more commission we paid. That was not profitable for us. The fixed monthly amount from EasyOrder is therefore a very affordable alternative. Not only do we now provide our own platform with our name and logo, we also pay much less. ”

How do you promote your own e-commerce app? 

“We try to promote our app as extensively as possible. For example, we have hung the stickers and wobblers from the EasyOrder promotional package up in the store, so that customers can see that online ordering is possible. We also provide a flyer with our QR code with every order to encourage customers to download our app. We also post the QR code on all our social media channels. ” 

 Do you use push notifications to keep customers informed? 

“Yes, push notifications are very easy to keep customers informed about the status of their order. The app sends an automatic email, but a push message is more effective. In this way, customers do not have to continuously check their mailbox. ”

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