#EasyAmbassador: Aroy Thaise Snacks


Aroy Thai Snacks has been in Aarschot for six years. Manager Jonas, his wife Vi and daughter Omsin are specialized in fresh Thai dishes, so delicious! They recently opted for their own EasyOrder webshop and e-commerce app. We went to see Jonas and asked him a few questions.

Why did you choose EasyOrder's own e-commerce app?

“Technology is evolving so quickly, and we want to stay up-to-date! Because we mainly work with take-out meals, we went looking for a system where people can easily order online. And so we bumped in to you guys. We used to work mainly via telephone orders, which were very time-consuming. ”

What benefits does the app offer?

“Thanks to the app, we can work much faster and more efficiently. Because we spend less time on telephone orders, we can prepare more orders in the same or even less time. As a result, we have also seen our income grow considerably: since we have partnered with EasyOrder, our turnover has increased by twenty percent! In addition, the queues are much shorter. Customers can place an order via the app and pick it up at a specified time. As a result, they no longer lose time queuing or waiting and that is more pleasant for everyone. ”

How did you promote your app? 

“We use EasyOrder's promo package and provide with each order a flyer with a QR code. In this way we want to encourage customers to download our app. We also invested in two large banners to provide some additional advertising. We also promote our own app via Facebook and Instagram to increase our online visibility. ” 

How do your customers react? 

“Our customers react very positively. Regular customers use the app regularly and tell friends or family about it. They want to test the app themselves, and we have already won a group of new customers because of this. A trendy app for tasty and fresh dishes… It's clearly a combination that works! ” 

What is the relationship between your online and offline orders?

“Because we mainly work with take-out meals, it is difficult to determine a clear ratio. We mainly notice that the app is very popular and that the majority of customers prefer online orders. We are very satisfied. ”

Let us know which merchant we should contact.

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