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Digital waiter terrace

It's time! The government finally gave the green light to reopen the terraces on May 8. We've all been dreaming about it for weeks, some maybe months. But despite this great urge for social contact, it is important that the catering operators adhere to certain rules and thus also make their terrace corona test.

As a consumer, you just have to remember to reserve your spot on your favorite terrace in time. Catering operators, on the other hand, have to adhere to many more rules. In addition to face masks, liters of alcohol gel and plexi safety screens, there are many other things that they can take into account to make the customer experience as good as possible.

1. Reserve in a few clicks

Don't make it more difficult for your customers than it already is. Everyone is looking forward to cozy terraces and nice chats, but don't scare your clientele off by a too complicated reservation system. We see it more and more often. Catering operators want to offer their customers 1001 options to book, but this often means that your customer can no longer see the wood for the trees. And you too will lose the overview if reservations come in through all your channels.

Provide one or two clear and simple ways to let your customers book. In 2021 there are plenty of options to choose from. There are several booking tools on the web, but have you ever thought of your own app? This way, the customer always has you with you and he can book his table with you wherever and whenever he wants. Of course, this does not mean that booking via the website should no longer be possible, it should of course remain one of the options.

2. Digital menu

We must not hide it. The average catering operator has an extremely difficult time because of Corona. You should avoid any costs that you can avoid. But sacrificing quality and service is not an option, especially in the long term. One bad experience can ensure that a customer never returns.

But what if I tell you that you can offer your customers the ultimate user experience and at the same time reduce your staff costs? I can already see you frown, yet it is true. Have you ever thought of a digital menu? Via a QR code and your own app or order page, customers can order and pay quickly and easily in a few clicks. Pick up at the bar or brought to the table? Everything is possible with a digital menu. In fact, the digital menu with ordering module is the perfect addition to the staff, so it does not have to be a replacement. By digitally taking orders, you give your staff more time to really work on that personal contact with the customer and the customers are served faster. Plus, it costs only a fraction of what an additional staff member would cost in addition.

digitaal vs werknemer

3. Full is full

The places on terraces will be very popular. Do you have more demand than supply? In that case, don't put takeaway and home delivery aside. These have already demonstrated their importance in the past, so don't forget them. Your customers will be only too happy that they can still enjoy your delicious food or drinks, even at home. Ultimately, everything has its advantages and disadvantages and you get used to everything of course… The convenience of take-out will also linger in the memory of many customers.

Make it easy for customers to order from you. The best-known solution is to connect your business to external platforms such as Takeaway and Deliveroo, but there are also smart and complementary alternatives. Have you ever thought of your own app and / or order page? We can undoubtedly miss those sky-high commission costs as a toothache at the moment. With your own app you pay a fixed amount every month, regardless of your turnover. And there are many more advantages associated with your own app. Have you ever considered that this way you are literally in your customer's pocket? So you are in contact with him 27/7. Do you have many loyal customers? Then you can also reward them with your own built-in customer card. An EasyOrder app is much more than an ordering tool for your customers. The statistics of thousands of end users and all marketing tools are included for free. What's more, these tools are an essential part of the success of your own app, so don't miss an opportunity to get the most out of them and get the most out of your business.

Are you interested in your own reservation / ordering app or digital menu? Then contact us quickly and we will offer you a tailor-made solution.


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