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HOW TO: Promote your mobile e-commerce app

Having your own branded e-commerce app offers many advantages. A business that launches its own application, puts efficiency and customer friendliness first. However, promoting your mobile app is of primary importance to guarantee its success. A handy, perfectly functioning app means nothing when your customers don't know it exists. Hence, start informing them through as many channels as possible to get off to a flying start. Below, we have listed five tips to promote your e-commerce app. Ready for take off? Let's start selling! 


Use offline marketing

Spread the word! Start promoting your app by informing regular customers about your new mobile ordering solution. Tell them about its advantages and possibilities to warm them up. Your loyal customers will most likely be your first downloads.

Add visually appealing triggers to your business venue to lead customers to your app. Provide a wobbler at the checkout with your unique QR code to encourage customers to download your app. Apply window stickers in visible places as an added incentive. This allows passers-by to easily scan the code and automatically access your app. 

Use personalized flyers with your QR code to improve brand recognition of your app. Add a flyer to every order and distribute them in your local neighborhood to increase downloads and reach new customers.


Advertise on social media

In today's digital age, social media are by far one of the most important and easy ways to target customers. The rapid growth of ads and advertising on mobile media channels is perfectly mirroring the growth of e-commerce, as the platform to reach customers is - quite literally - glued to their hands. 

Promoting your branded app on your website and your usual social media, starting with Facebook and Instagram. Add your app's QR code to your posts to increase the number of downloads in a few simple clicks. 

To further boost your online marketing, try using FacebookAds. Create a post, add your QR code and start connecting to the infinite network of Facebook users. As FacebookAds targets specific audiences and regions, this tool will encourage users to download your app very effectively.

Stay in touch with newsletters? Simply add your embedded QR code and… send!


Launch in-app promotions

Enhance your app by offering exclusive in-app promotions for mobile orders. Introduce a discount or a free product for the first fifty users for orders above 25 euros. Customers receive a great discount while discovering the app and your first mobile orders flow in... and everyone benefits.


More tips on how to promote your own e-commerce app? Continue reading here or get in touch with our Marketing Team.


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