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HOW TO: Get more out of your app using push notifications

Mobile marketing is becoming more important, as everyone is constantly on their phone. Do you want to offer a special promotion? Send a reminder about an upcoming event? Or do you simply want to keep your customers up to date about an order? Send push notifications via your own e-commerce app and bring your brand even closer to the customer.

Push notifications?

A push notification is a short message that is sent via your application to every customer who has installed your app. Without opening the app, a notification appears on the screen. Clicking on it will take you directly to your app. This way you can easily 'push' your message to a wide audience. Examples of push notifications are unique promos, order status updates and news. 

Online marketing tool

The consumer only downloads apps from companies he is interested in, so he wants to hear from them. While text messages can seem rather intrusive, this is different for a self-downloaded app. Besides that, emails are not always effective as well. On average, they are opened by 1 in 5 customers, while push notifications are opened three times as much. Moreover, 40% of push notifications lead to interaction, in stark contrast to an average click through rate of 5% for emails. So today, a push notification is the most effective mobile marketing tool.

Another great advantage - both for you and the customer - is that push notifications are very short. For you it is easy because you can quickly create the message and send it to your clientele. Your customer just has to read a short text with only essential information. It takes barely any time and effort. Even if the customer does not have time to read the push notification, it will still happen unconsciously. 

Best practices

By now it is clear that push notifications are a great added value for your online marketing strategy. If you use the tool correctly, you will boost your app usage and therefore your sales. For this reason, below you will find some useful tips to help you craft the perfect push notification. 

Encourage to accept push notifications. Firstly, it is important that customers accept push notifications on their smartphone when downloading the app. Encourage them by informing them of the benefits, such as the ability to keep track of their order status and getting unique promotions. Once they have accepted the notifications, you can reach them in one click. 

Less is more. When writing push messages, less is more is an important rule of thumb. Choose a short and clear text of less than 90 characters. This way, your customer can read the message at a glance. The shorter the notification, the greater the chance that the customer clicks on it. In addition, research by Localyties has shown that it is best to send one push message per week. When you send more messages, your customers may find this annoying. A short and clear push notification once a week, it’s that simple! 

Content is key. Last but not least, the content of your message is a crucial aspect. The push notification you send must be relevant, have value and contain a clear call-to-action. Freezing in 20°F?🥶 Today -20% on all pancakes!🥞is a good example. It mentions a clear discount and encourages customers to order pizza today. Make your message even more relevant by anticipating the season or local events. For example, a baker can send push notifications when cakes can be ordered for Mother's Day. Add some emojis to make your message more attractive and done! Your push notification is ready to be sent. 

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